1975 OSSA 250 Phantom GP1

This bike came as a package deal with the GP2. As my collection has developed, I was still weak on PhantomsIMG_2875 – I did already have a 74 250 and I’m currently finishing a 74 175 Phantom (somewhat rare) – engine rebuild is all that’s left. So a GP1 is in the house! Check out the pics. It has Hoss fenders, but the rest is pretty stock. The motor is rough – broken rod and cylinder sleeve – cases seem OK. This is the first year, 1975, that the factory tried the “laid down” shocks. It also has a down pipe unique to that year. As luck would have it, Snoop found one at Mid-Ohio this year. It wasn’t cheap, but it was perfect! We will show this Phantom “as is” for a while; the restoration is not on my short list.


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