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Mid Atlantic OSSA is a collection of vintage motorcycles from the 60’s and 70’s…a time when friends and family all participated, in one way or another, in the great sport of motorcycling. The motorcycles in this museum are examples of bikes we once rode. In fact several ARE THE EXACT BIKES WE ONCE RODE!

Mikes First Bike

Mikey…in the beginning!

Forty years later we’ve collected, restored, and now display the bikes for all to enjoy. The bikes are owned by Mike Slate, Wayne Slate, Jim Foster, Ray “Beaver” LaForce, Robbie Meadows and Scott Rosenberger. While most of the bikes are on permanent display, some are still ridden in vintage events such as Trials, Cross-Country and Dual Sport…competition, yes…but mostly FUN!

Many thanks to the Broom Factory for generously donating space, Alex Snoop for parts and info, Karl Heise for parts and insights (and ocassional late night beer drinking), WesBen Body and Fender and Walt Ropka for the beautiful finishes, Jack Fromm for TIG welding, and to Rob Meadows for working wonders tuning and lacing wheels as well as sharing his lifetime of motorcycle knowledge. And last but not least…our wives and girlfriends, for supporting our “other” Love!

Enjoy The Collection!

Mike Slate


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Mike Slate
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Beaver LaForce
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Rob Meadows
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