The Scene

Our intention is to share stories of local riders that participated in amateur events in the 1960’s and 1970’s in the Mid-Atlantic region. Sure, we’ve had our share of national and professional riders from our area (Gary Nixon comes to mind), but they’ve been in the press many times over the years. We wanted to concentrate on the mainstays of the local scene.


  • Pop Triplett
  • Denny Kane
  • Bruce Triplett





  • Liberty Cycle
  • C&L Cycles
    • Jack Lauderback
  • Motor Sports Center
    • Pop Triplett
  • Boutwells
    • Bob Boutwell
  • Triumph Corporation
  • Pete’s Cycles
  • Edgewood Cycles
  • Heyser Cycles
  • Norm’s Motorcycle World
    • Norman Ferris
  • Cycleworld



  • Hanover (Trailways)
  • Elkton
  • Dorsey
  • Soldiers Delight (Ramblers)
  • Bausom Farm (Southern Maryland Roadrunners)
  • Budds Creek (Southern MD)
  • Edgewood (Stancill)
  • Beaver Dam/Diecraft (Blue/Gray Motocross)

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