OSSA DMR Information

I get a lot of phone calls and inquiries about OSSA DMRs.  We have one in our inventory and I have restored two others as close to original as possible.  We were fortunate enough to come across DMR #106 that was displayed at the AMA museum during a Dick Mann exhibit.  This bike was the most original we’ve ever seen, supposedly never started!  So we consider it a model for all 5-speed restorations.  Check out the pics!


I’ve not had the pleasure of restoring a 4-speed model to date but I have some pictures of Doug McMahon’s very original DMR # 8.  Please note the crossover linkage for the shifter, rear wheel hub, engine mounts to house the 4-speed engine and swing arm is a slightly different width in the pivot area!


I’ve also recorded some 5-speed information/details on the page shown below which may assist in your restoration.

DMR 5-speed Info


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