1967 OSSA 230 Pioneer

IMG_34901967 was the first year OSSA was imported to the States.  They are somewhat rare – about 200 Pioneers were produced in Spain.  I never thought I’d own one but, thanks to Dean DiCarlo, I now do!  Dean has a great collection of 4-speeds.  He acquired this one, did a lot of cleaning, bought some parts from Hogan’s, repaired and sealed the tank – but decided to pass it on to me to finish the restoration.  I painted the tail section and fender, re-chromed parts, mounted the correct tires and restored the suspension.  It also needed a piston/cylinder and Motoplat, which Al Snoop supplied!  Now it runs!  The 67’s fuel tank has a unique shape, side stand has an “internal” spring, rear frame is shorter with a bolt-on support for the tail.  It also came with a 19” front wheel and trials-style tires.  It looks pretty good now.  I will restore the wheels at a later date.  The frame paint is original – I think I’ll leave that as is!


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