1973 OSSA SDR 175

IMG_7660Karl Heise forced me to take this Enduro mount when I picked up the 68 Stiletto. It was sitting on a 15-gallon drum in his shop for the last five years – no wheels or suspension! No lights! We talked about this bike several times over the years, but I turned it down – until now! When I was driving away, I had regrets, but when I got home, I saw how original the OSSA was. Great fasteners, handlebars, and very original wiring harness. Karl helped with some of the missing parts – I had most of the lighting, speedo, and tail section. Three months later, it’s going together and looking good. You don’t see many 175 SDRs. They have the same beautiful white-with-red-accents body work as the 250.

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