1965 Bultaco Metisse Model 11

IMG_4406Tommy Grimmel purchased this Model 11 through Tim Taylor almost 15 years ago.  Tim built the engine and reconditioned the frame before he decided to move to Montana.  Tommy ended up bringing the bike home in boxes, where it sat in his garage for five or six years.  Allen Brown bought it from Tommy one day when he had a weak moment.  Maybe both of them had a weak moment!  Allen reconditioned the wheels, had the chrome work done and luckily sourced an air cleaner housing.  Steve Lynch painted the body work.  Then the bike sat again.  Grimmel ended up buying the motorcycle back from Allen, then handed everything to me to handle the assembly, fitting, tires, brakes, seat, etc.  We proudly display it in our “new” room at the Broom Factory.  Neat motocrosser!

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