1969 OSSA 250 Stiletto

69 Stiletto 250

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I purchased this motocrosser from Dean DiCarlo in Mass., another “Player” in the OSSA Community! Dean had two of them at the time and fortunately he was willing to part with this one. He started the restoration process, built the engine and coated the frame. 

oss_stl_69_XX_ms (19)

Fiberglass was in primer – the rest was up to me. There was lots to do! I especially like the 4-speed models – there are a number of differences: Telesco suspension (steel fork legs), different foot pegs, round badges on tank, specific emblem on engine case, unique air cleaner cover and paint scheme, rear brake hub, and handlebars without crossbars & steel levers.

These were the early days for OSSA in the U.S. There are pictures of Dick Mann riding the Stiletto about the time he was employed by Yankee Motors and building the DMR Shorttracker!


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