1971 OSSA 250 Stiletto

71 Stiletto 250

oss_stl_71_250_ms (22)Ahhh! The classic white Stiletto! We came across this bike at the York swap meet several years ago. Alex was setting up his vending space on the Saturday before and he noticed the OSSA motocrosser leaned against a wall by another (non-OSSA) vendor. He quickly scarfed it up before any

 other piranhas saw it and I bought it from him later that afternoon! The engine was all apart, cylinder fins missing, but the rest was there! Good bike! Still, every bolt, nut, washer, painted and plated part needed restoration.

Sure looks good now!

Several friends rode them back in the day, including Don Buchanon, Larry Flowers, Scott Rosenberger and Jim Foster!



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