1972 OSSA 250 MAR – Mike (Rider)

72 OSSA Mar (rider)

This Mar belonged to my childhood friend and neighbor, Jeff Corkran. Jeff and I competed in local events in the early 70’s – either one of us would win on any given day! When he stopped riding, the bike was left at his dad’s house – outside. His dad, “Mr. Dave”, eventually gave it to my father. It was in pretty rough shape – missing parts, locked-up engine, frozen suspension. I chalked it off as a parts bike. After a couple of years of bringing OSSA’s back from the dead, I realized this Mar was no worse than the other crap I was working on! And I was ready for a lighter trials machine! So, it took a while, but today I have a great rider – it works pretty well. Mick Andrews rode it in 2012 on the COGCE property in PA. He gives it the nod!



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