1973 OSSA 250 Stiletto TT

oss_tt_73_250_sr_ (11)We found this very original Stiletto on Ebay at EMC (Eastern Michigan Cycle).  They shipped it to us in a KTM crate, partially disassembled.  Beaver and I reassembled it in our parking lot, removed the fuel cap and noticed there was still gas in the tank!  Okay, see if it starts!  It did!!  Engine sounded good.  Shifts well.  The rest of the bike needed restoration – everything was rusty and paint was faded/worn.  We did not have to take the wheels apart and it had the original tires intact.  The TT came with a 19 front wheel and trials tire and a little hotter motor with a very large expansion chamber!  Paint scheme was reversed from the white Stiletto.

A great buy!

– Scott

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