1974 OSSA 250 Desert Phantom

74 Desert Phantom

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I call this my pallet bike!  Check out the photo.  That’s how it came to me.  I’m a sucker for a challenge.  If I see a fuel tank, I see a complete motorcycle missing the forks.  Snoop said they were no problem!  (Maybe a “cash” problem, but not availability – how does he always have just what I need?)

Struggled with the color match.  Thank the Phantom gods for the color match camera – almost as important as the Internet for restorers!

oss_dph_75_250_ms (12)

The Desert Phantom provided riders with a bike that was somewhere between an Enduro and a motocrosser.  By 1974, the Pentons had come on strong in the 250 cc class, requiring competitive riders to look for more performance.  The Desert provided the needed power as a detuned Phantom.  It did have a down pipe with a unique “V” shaped skid pan.

It was the OSSA of choice to compete in the 1974 International Six Days Trials.



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