1977 OSSA 250 ST-1

DSC01194From 1969 to 1972, OSSA riders did very well racing their Dick Mann Replica (DMR) short trackers. In 1973, the AMA changed the rules to 350cc for pro short track, and OSSA was out of the running. But in 1977, they reversed their decision, and went back to 250cc for the pros. John Taylor’s response was the ST-1, acknowledged by many to be the best looking short tracker ever. It was built with a special Champion/Red Line frame, Ceriani’s, S&W’s, Kosman Wheels, and a very special OSSA short track racing engine. In 1978, it was upgraded with a pipe change and a slightly larger 36mm Mikuni carburetor. Fast and beautiful to this day, it was the ultimate OSSA weapon.

I found this nice ST-1 on Brad Powell’s website.  It was all there but still required a complete cosmetic restoration and engine rebuild.  My friend from Richmond, Fred Nelson, picked it up in Georgia and brought it our way.  It’s very beautiful now!

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