1976 OSSA 310 Mountaineer (Rider)

oss_mtn_76_XX_ms (12)I decided I wanted to try some dual sport riding – some friends were riding modern bikes at events such as Dirty Dabbers, Michaex, Shenandoah, Hammerron, etc.  This 310cc machine came through Al Snoop – it was fairly original but had been pushed outside and left for dead.  Axles were rusted so bad that I finally gave up and cut the rear on both sides to remove the wheel!  Engine was locked up also.  It took me a couple years, but I completed the restoration and did some rides.  The Mountaineer has problems with excessive heat build-up.  I ran race gas, made some head modifications, carb setting, etc.  It keeps getting better!  It really rides well, I like the torque of the larger displacement.  The seat is comfortable and the “laid-down” shocks provide some additional travel.  I’m usually riding the oldest bike at the dual sports, but it’s neat that everyone notices!

I just completed in the ARHMA 2-day qualifier/reunion in Mass. with about 10 other OSSA riders – we did well!


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