1966 Triumph 500 Trophy (Rider)

I built this Triumph when I was 16 years old.  My dad and Jim Puglisi got into buying and repairing wrecked bikes from the local State Farm Ins. office – to support their racing habits.  This 500 twin had too much front end damage to make repairs worthwhile – but the frame was OK!  I took the project on as a replica of what guys rode in the 60s when you “made” your own trailbike from a road machine.  We found Rickman forks and front wheel, a Tri-Cor fiberglass tank, Bates seat and pillion pad, alloy fenders (later changed to plastic), and knobby tires.  Ted Rivard of the Triumph Corporation built the engine – still runs good!

Rob Meadows built one also.  We used to ride the fire roads around Liberty Reservoir – one pass so the DNR didn’t catch us!  Rob and I also rode the Sandy Lane Enduro on their 50th and 75th anniversaries – vintage class!  We have the T-shirts and roll charts displayed in our collection.

Still flying the flag!


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